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Leverage your company to face the future. Agile. Lean. Successful.

Wir begleiten Sie auf dem Weg zu einem agilen Unternehmen. Neben gängigen Metrhoden, wie SCRUM oder SAFe haben wir vor allem eines im Blick: Ihren Erfolg!

We digitize your processes!

"Industry 4.0" is not new. We help customers to implement this for more than 25 years. Benefit from our experience. We help you to automate and integrate your processes and enable you to have all information available whereever you need it.

Change is Improvement!

Change is not a painful process. It is a chance to implement improvements and gain benefits. We will help you to achieve a measurable competetive advantage.

Data security matters

The GDPR is in force. Our certified GDPR experts not only help you comply with the regulations, but also make them useful for your business.

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Seeking for talents

Looking for a new challenge? Then this could be interesting for you!

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Agile. Digital. Innovative. We have been living this for over 20 years.

ATEC was founded in 1996. We have seen and experienced many technogoies, trends and hypes. And there is one thing we have learned: CHANGE is necessary and helpful. We help our customers to constantly improve their processes, Integrate systems or optimize the process.

The lever for improvement is DIGITALIZATION and INNOVATION. In the times when everyone spoke of Industry 2.0, we have already been a veteran in the field of implementing digital processes. Today we speak of Industry 4.0 and we are sure that we will also be shaping the industry 6.0 or 8.0.

AGILE Methods today help us efficiently use the ever faster progressing technology. It's a good thing that we worked with SCRUM, XP and other methods back in the 1990s - even linear methods ("waterfall"). Why? Because not everything has to be "agile". Finally an implementation has to adreas project or the customer needs.

We do not just focus on development, quality assurance or project management. As experienced entrepreneurs and business consultants, we also understand business relationships. VALUE STREAMS are the drivers for success. And LEAN BUDGET MANAGEMENT will help us to control and manage costs.

And finally we make sure that everything is safe. DATA SECURITY not only matters in the world of digital, distributed information. It plays a crucial role. Consequently we do not only focus on compliance with legal requirements, such as the GDPR, but also take care about data security in operations.

Change through digital transformation and development of an agile organization in which data is secure. For us these are different facets of a continuous improvement process.